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Firsts! [May. 23rd, 2012|02:26 am]
I had a milestone this last weekend, so I better LJ about it for posterity (although if you follow my FB, you already know). A little context first. In February I ran a pinball tournament in Concord called "Royale". It was a head to head, three man team tournament. Pretty much one team represents player 1, the other team represents player 2 with each player on each team playing one ball of a 3-ball game. Teams had to work together on a common strategy to remain successful. It was crazy successful. You can see more at the official tournament page. Anyways, I designed a poster for the event.

The poster was popular. People wanted copies and my ego boosted. Also at the event was an organizer for Pin-A-GoGo, who approached me about doing an art poster for them. I humbly agreed. I was just happy someone, for once, liked my stuff enough to have me do something half-assed legit (and not just "design my logo or draw a chick with titties for me...for free").

As the deadline loomed I couldn't decide on a layout or concept I really liked. Nothing clicked. With 3 weeks left, I just decided to doodle out a bunch of random pinball characters with no relation to each other. Interlocking kind of like a mural or tattoo. Believe it or not, inking this thing in Illustrator took 2 of those 3 weeks. Every night after watching Sakura, I slaved over curves and points until 5AM. I don't utilize shortcuts in Illustrator that smarter artists likely use when "inking" something like this. I do a long, hard, unrewarding style of creating each line and curve separately. The end result can be awesome, but it is so much tedious work. I had to shortcut near the end, but I wound up mostly happy with the results:

So, the big milestone isn't so much being asked to do the poster. The big first was being asked to sign 55 of them! I almost didn't do the signing because I thought it would come off cocky as fuck, what with being a no name artist. Like, who the hell am I to sign a bunch of posters and sell them? Right? The organizer really wanted this run of 55 signatures though and my wife twisted my arm to do it ("and screw anyone that thinks you're being cocky. Fuck them."). I sweated bullets signing those damned things. I kept thinking about someone paying for this poster and how if I fuck up my signature on his/her copy how that would completely fucking suck of me. By number 30 my hand was cramping. By 45 my letters were getting lazy. By 55 I got sick of my own name.

We sold them for 10 bucks each with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. I don't think we sold very many, which was deflating. I wasn't expecting them to sell out and was just happy if anyone bought one, but still...you kind of hope at least half would sell. :O Oh well!

One happy final note, a signed copy of my Royale poster was also auctioned off for 60 bucks! Crazy!
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Lost Planet Party [Jan. 12th, 2007|03:02 am]

I just got back from the Lost Planet launch party in San Francisco. There were lots of smoke machines, artificial snow and the default house/techno soundtrack boom-ba-boom-ba-booming off the walls. I did my little thing, hobnobbing with folks I hadn't seen for years and whoring myself out for whatever little scrap of industry work people may throw my way (complete with freshly ink jetted, rolling up from still being wet, not quite straight because I cut them free hand with scissors, home-made ghetto business cards). The highlight of the night, however, wasn't a job lead but rather a moment of nerd meltdown....

Hell fucking yeah that is Keiji Inafune's signature on my Mega Man 2! I was under the impression that they were only signing Lost Planet related memorabilia at the event (you had to purchase a copy to get near the signature table). I had a bad feeling my request was going to be rejected, but I took the chance anyways and stuck Mega Man 2 on top of the Lost Planet case. Mr. Inafune immediately grabbed the cart with an “oh hell yeah” noise and signed it right there with a big ole' smile on his face. I think that was the coolest fucking part of the entire experience. His reaction didn't come off like my cart was some ho-hum obligatory extra thing to sign because, yeah, he had something to do with Mega Man. It seemed like he was happy to see it and I was bouncing off the fucking walls that he was signing it.

Then I made a slight ass out of myself, because while I spent the entire time gawking at Mr. Inafune signing my cart I didn't even notice that the other Capcom developers had signed my copy of Lost Planet. I had to back step and thank them as well, but it was pretty obvious by then which item was playing second fiddle to which.

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